100% Pure Greek Koroneiki Olive Oil

100% Pure Greek Koroneiki Olive Oil

3L (3.1 Qt) Tin
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Straight from our friend's family farm in Achaia, Greece, this beautiful and delicious oil has ARRIVED!  Olive oil is produced immediately after harvest just once per year, so you may wish to plan on purchasing a year's supply.  When this shipment is gone, there won't be any more until next year. 

Have you ever stood in a grocery store aisle looking at the shelves of olive oil and wondered which one to buy? Which one is actually worth the money?   Here's the answer:  Manetas Family Olive Oil  But it's not available in your local grocery store.

It's easy to KNOW if your olive oil is actually pure.  Simply refrigerate it!  If it is PURE, it will be totally solid within a day or so.  I have tested various grocery store varieties, even oils labeled organic EVOO, and none of them have passed the test. (I will share the pictures some day.) Rest assured that our Manetas Greek Olive Oil is the REAL DEAL for your health!  No chemical additives or cheaper oils added to make it qualify for EVOO status or to make it cheaper to produce. (Are you tired of corporate sleight-of-hand, yet?!)

I have compared prices across the web and similar products (At least, similar by description. Who knows if they're ACTUALLY pure?!) are running $138 to $210 for 3L.  So, this is a REAL DEAL for your pocketbook, too! Enjoy PURE, DELICIOUS olive oil for the BEST price anywhere!  This beautiful GREEN olive oil is produced from Koroneiki olives, the variety with the highest anti-oxidant levels. The olives were hand harvested from trees untreated by chemicals.  Not just "single country origin", but "single FAMILY origin"!! 

So, even if you need us to ship your olive oil, it will still cost less than the competition.  We will ship anywhere in the lower 48 states for $20, through April 30 and starting again Oct. 1st (if there's any left in stock by then). We cannot ship in the summer months as the oil would be damaged in transit by the heat.  If you want the oil shipped to you, please choose the product on this site that includes the $20 shipping in the price.

One last detail, the olive harvest is subject to the whims of Mother Nature, just like agricultural ventures everywhere.  The 2018 harvest all across the Mediterranean region was very limited and of generally lower quality. We will be posting the lab analysis for you to see exactly how our oil compares to EVOO standards.  

My favorite use for olive oil is salad dressing.  It can be as simple as 1/4 c Olive Oil, 2-3 T of red wine vinegar or lemon juice, and salt (1/4 t?) and pepper to taste. With Manetas Olive Oil, this is delicious without anything more added, although adding some dried herbs are wonderful, as well. 


100% Pure Manetas Greek Olive Oil