100% Pure 2018 Greek Koroneiki Olive Oil

100% Pure 2018 Greek Koroneiki Olive Oil

3L (3.1 Qt) Tin
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From our friends Mihalis and Christine at Manetas Oliveyards in Achaia, Greece, this olive oil is produced immediately after harvest just once per year. This page is about oil from the 2018 harvest; it still has a year of good shelf life, and we still have a small inventory.
Because it is last year’s oil, it is best used as your COOKING oil.  (For the superior health benefits of highly active polyphenols and anti-oxidants of fresh oil, you'll want to use the new 2019 olive oil for all non-heat uses like salad dressings, dipping bread, or drizzling on soups and stews. Click here for a 3L tin of 2019 oil or here for a 1L tin of 2019 oil.

Have you ever stood in a grocery store aisle looking at the shelves of olive oil and wondered which one to buy? Which one is actually worth the money?   Here's the answer:  Manetas Family Olive Oil, but it's not available in your grocery store!

Manetas Greek Olive Oil is the REAL DEAL for your health!  No chemical additives or cheaper oils added to make it qualify for EVOO status or to make it cheaper to produce. (Are you tired of corporate sleight-of-hand, yet?!) This beautiful olive oil is produced from Koroneiki olives, the variety with the HIGHEST ANTI-OXIDANT levels. The olives are hand-harvested from trees untreated by chemicals.  Finally, this is not just "single country origin", but "single FAMILY origin"!!

And, Manetas Greek Olive Oil is the REAL DEAL for your pocketbook, too!  I have compared prices across the web and similar products (At least, similar by description. Who knows if they're ACTUALLY pure?!) are running $138 to $210 for 3L. So, enjoy this HIGHEST QUALITY olive oil for the BEST PRICE anywhere!  

We can ship one 3L tin anywhere in the lower 48 states for $15. For larger orders, shipping will need to be determined by weight and distance, but it can still possibly work out to less than $15 per tin.  We ship only through April 30 and then again after Oct. 1st. We cannot ship in the summer months as the oil would be damaged in transit by the heat.  If you want the oil shipped to you, please post your address in the "customer comments" section of the ordering page.  

Do go ahead and submit your order.  Your credit card will not be charged until I add the shipping cost and finalize the order. 


100% Pure Manetas Greek Olive Oil