Beef Tallow - Pint

Beef Tallow - Pint

1 pint

Beef tallow is fat that has been rendered from the internal fat around the kidneys. Tallow used to be the go-to fat for frying because it is very stable at high temperatures and adds a truly awesome flavor to roasted or fried vegetables. Potatoes cut into 1" cubes take just half an hour to roast, and when they're roasted in beef tallow, your family will be begging for more!  "Delicious" to them, "nutritious and fast" to you!

In traditional diets, it was prized for being a high energy and highly nutritious part of pemmican, the quintessential grab and go food for folks on the move! 

This nutrient powerhouse contains CLA (conjugated linoelic acid), Vitamin K2 (the elusive “X Factor” studied by Weston A. Price, DDS), and omega 3 fatty acids. 


100% pure beef fat rendered from suet, the highly nutritious "kidney fat".