2020 - BYOB (bottle) EV Olive Oil - 100% Pure Greek Koroneiki Olive Oil,

2020 - BYOB (bottle) EV Olive Oil - 100% Pure Greek Koroneiki Olive Oil,

Sold by the liter...Bring your own Bottle, and we'll fill it for you from our bulk container.
2020 Oil Available NOW at the farm!
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You can ORDER NOW! It will be ready for picking up at the farm sometime in December. BYOB (bottle), and we'll fill it for you!

2020 Greek olive harvest will soon be in full swing. We have ordered 2020 Green Gold Greek EVOO to be air-shipped ASAP after harvest. It will take about two weeks to arrive at Nettle Creek Farm, and then we'll fill your container for you! You will have the freshest, most health-enhancing olive oil on your table within about one month of harvest! At least two months sooner than ever before!! 

*****NOTICE** Please complete your order even if totals are not correct. Your credit card is not charged until I activate it after your order is packed, and I have adjusted your invoice. *****

This delicious and gorgeous GREEN olive oil comes straight from our friends Mihalis and Christine at Manetas Oliveyards in Achaia, Greece. Olive oil is produced immediately after harvest just once per year, and now we have this opportunity to get it into your hands at it's absolute best!

For the superior health benefits of highly active polyphenols and anti-oxidants of fresh oil, you'll want to use this new 2020 olive oil for all NON-HEAT PURPOSES: directly off a spoon or from a shot glass, salad dressings, dipping bread, or drizzling on soups and stews after cooking is complete. 

For COOKING oil, I suggest buying last year's oil, as it still has a year of good shelf life but doesn't have the full compliment of active polyphenols anymore.

Manetas Greek Olive Oil is the REAL DEAL for your health!  No chemical additives or cheaper oils added to make it qualify for EVOO status or to make it cheaper to produce. (Are you tired of corporate sleight-of-hand, yet?!) This beautiful olive oil is produced from Koroneiki olives, a variety with one of the HIGHEST ANTI-OXIDANT profiles. The olives are hand-harvested from trees untreated by chemicals. Additionally, this EVOO is not just single country of origin; it’s single FAMILY origin"!! (Thank you, Mihalis and Christine!)

Manetas Greek Olive Oil is the REAL DEAL for your pocketbook, too!  I have compared prices across the web and similar products based on description are running at least twice and as high as 7.8 times higher!! So, enjoy this HIGHEST QUALITY olive oil for the BEST PRICE anywhere, and that comparison INCLUDES SHIPPING!  

Simple SALAD DRESSING: 1/4 cup Olive Oil, 2-3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar or lemon juice, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 1/8 teaspoon pepper (season to taste). With Manetas Olive Oil, this is delicious without anything more, although adding some fresh or dried herbs (like 1/2 t Oregano) is wonderful, too. ++  OR, Olive Oil + Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar = Raspberry Viniagrette!! So YUM!



100% Pure Manetas Greek Olive Oil