Half a Hog - Pre-order NOW, Spring 2024

Half a Hog - Pre-order NOW, Spring 2024

Approx 100#

Pre-order NOW for SPRING 2024

Save $0.45 /lb.
$3.95 /lb.
$4.40 /lb.
Avg. 100 lb.

By choosing this product, you are speaking in advance for 1/2 a pig. We will only purchase and raise as many pigs as we have pre-orders. When the pigs are purchased, we will charge a deposit of 50% of the expected total. And we will be in touch about when the pigs will be processed when we have a locker date established.

We will put the order on hold until after the pig is sent to the butcher. The actual cost of your pig is determined by the processor’s “hanging weight”, the weight of the carcass after butchering and before being cut up for packaging. We will give the processor your name and number, so they can call you for your cutting instructions.  If you're new to that process, they are well-able to walk you through it. 

Depending on your instructions to the butcher, your total take-home packages of pork will be 70% - 80% of the hanging weight. Your total cost for the pork that goes into your freezer is our price per pound of hanging weight (varies) plus about $1 per pound for processing (varies depending on your instructions). With the following numbers, you can get a rough idea of what 1/2 a pig will cost.An average 1/2 pig is around 100 lbs of hanging weight. So, 1/2 pig will cost approximately $400 to us and $100 to the processor when you pick up your order. Following is a sample list of cuts from a half pig. You will work with the butcher to customize your cutting order.

  1. 10 pork chops (OR pork loin roasts)
  2. 4 shoulder steaks 
  3. 2 shoulder roast
  4. 1 package ribs (3-4 lb pkg)
  5. 7 lbs sausage (you choose the seasoning)
  6. 26 lbs cured hams, bacon, ham hocks
  7. Neck bones, liver, variety meats (kidney, heart, etc)