2019 - 1L - 100% Ultra Premium Greek Koroneiki EV Olive Oil

2019 - 1L - 100% Ultra Premium Greek Koroneiki EV Olive Oil

1L (1.03 Qt) Tin
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Have you ever stood in a grocery store aisle looking at the shelves of olive oil and wondered which one to buy? Which one is actually worth the money?   We've got the answer! Manetas OliveYards Olive Oil, and it’s far superior to any of them!  (More on that below.)

This 2019 Manetas OliveYards EVOO still has a year of good shelf life!  This delicious olive oil comes straight from our friends Mihalis and Christine at Manetas Oliveyards in Greece.  (Note: The gorgeous GREEN color in the photo is REAL, not color-enhanced!! The picture was taken very near harvest time in Nov 2019, and the brightness does diminish over time.)  New customer comment: "My, such a distinctive taste, flavor and purity. Just flowed down.  Thank you! Proud to be a Manetas for life!!!"

Older oil, like this 2019 Olive Oil, should be used as COOKING oil.  For the superior health benefits of highly active polyphenols and anti-oxidants of fresh oil, you'll want to use the olive oil from the most recent harvest for all FRESH purposes like salad dressings, dipping bread, and drizzling on stews and soups when it is served. Check out our 2021 Olive Oil options to order your FRESHEST Olive Oil.

*****NOTICE***** When placing an order, please finalize your order even if your invoice total seems wrong for some reason. Your credit card is not charged until I submit it after the invoice is adjusted for discounts and correct shipping costs. See the section below regarding shipping. *****

More on what makes Manetas Greek Olive Oil so special...
First, it's the REAL DEAL for your health!  No chemical additives or cheaper oils added to make it qualify for EVOO status or to make it cheaper to produce. (Are you tired of corporate sleight-of-hand, yet?!) This beautiful olive oil is produced from Koroneiki olives, the variety with the HIGHEST ANTI-OXIDANT levels. The olives are hand-harvested from trees untreated by chemicals.  Finally, this is not just "single country origin", but "single FAMILY origin"!!

And, Manetas Greek Olive Oil is the REAL DEAL for your pocketbook!  I have compared prices across the web and similar products (At least, similar by description. Who knows if they're ACTUALLY pure?!) are running $150 to $210 for 3L. So, enjoy this HIGHEST QUALITY olive oil for the BEST PRICE anywhere, and that INCLUDES the cost of shipping!  

Speaking of SHIPPING...  We look for the most economical way to ship your olive oil via USPS and adjust your invoice accordingly, before sending the charge to your credit card.

Flat rate: We can ship up to four 1L tins or one 3L tin anywhere in the lower 48 states for $16.25. And, two 3L tins can be shipped anywhere for $22.65

Variable rate for
 smaller orders: A variable rate box is best and cost depends on distance. For an idea of your cost, one or two 1L tins can be shipped for about $8 to states neighboring IL and about $11 to CA. 
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++Simple health-full SALAD DRESSING:  It can be as simple as 1/4 cup Olive Oil, 2-3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar or lemon juice, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 1/8 teaspoon pepper (season to taste). With Manetas Olive Oil, this is delicious without anything more, although adding some fresh or dried herbs (like 1/2 t Oregano) is wonderful, too. ++  Raspberry Viniagrette: Olive oil + Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar = So YUM!!



100% Pure Manetas Greek Olive Oil